Tatkal Passport Renewal without Annexure – F

Many of us already know that to make a new passport or to renew a passport in Tatkal mode you need to produce a verification certification as mentioned in Annexure – “F” on Passport Seva website. Few months ago I need to renew my passport as it was having some hand written observation in it. Because of this I could not apply for Schengen Visa. You can read more detail about it here: (http://curiouslogic.in/2014/02/observations-in-passport-renew-it-immediately/). So I had very less time to get my Passport renewed so that I can apply for Visa. So I thought of get my Passport renewed in Tatkal mode. But it was very difficult to me to get a Verification Certificate (Annexure – F). So I am sharing with you my experience of how I got my Passport renewed within 3 days and without Annexure – F. I am not going into much details regarding other things and focusing on Annexure – F issue only. Continue reading

Transfer PPF from ICICI to SBI

In one of my earlier post I have already compared features of SBI PPF with ICICI PPF and concluded that SBI PPF is far better than ICICI PPF, Now I am sharing my personal experience of transferring PPF A/C from ICICI Bank to SBI Bank.
I made a visit to ICICI Bank (same ICICI Bank branch where I submitted the form for A/C opening) on 15th March 2014 and talked to the executing at “How may I help you” Desk. He said straight forward that you can not transfer PPF Account from ICICI Bank to SBI. But when I insisted that I am very much sure that it is possible then only he talked to one of his colleague and asked me to write an application on plain paper. Once I completed the same he provided me another form which I filled and provided details like: PPF A/C Number and Name of Bank, Address of Branch, Branch Code of the Bank to which I want to transfer my PPF Account. None of the Executive in the bank was aware of the exact process. So the executive called to ICICI internal help desk over phone to know the exact process. Then he accepted application written on plain paper, filled form, ID Proof (I provided Driving License). He asked me to wait for 2 week or so. Regarding process he told me that Request will be forwarded to ICICI back-end and a Cheque/DD will be generated of the total amount. Once they get the cheque/DD from back-end the forms with all the details will be sent by courier/speed post to the SBI Branch. Continue reading

Why Home Loan Insurance is a bad option

If you are having a Home Loan or planning to avail a home loan then you must be aware of Home Loan Insurance. In case of death of Loan Holder, Insurance company pays the remaining loan outstanding to the Home Loan Company.  Generally one time premium need to be paid to avail this insurance. Some Companies are clubbing it with the home loan or some companies mis-selling (Typical Example of mis-selling: http://www.hindustantimes.com/comment/analysis/while-taking-a-home-loan-don-t-allow-bank-to-choose-your-insurance-policy/article1-1182096.aspx) it with home loan without your knowledge. But if you compare the premium paid for Home Loan Insurance to Term Insurance (for term insurance sum assured is fixed and does not decrease like home loan insurance) then you will observe that it is completely waste of money to have Home Loan Insurance at all. So I am putting my view with examples to explain how Pure Term Plan is more beneficial than Home Loan Insurance Plan. Continue reading

Resolve Your Grievances with President’s Helpline

In our day to day life we come across many problems like difficulties with issuance of passport, banks playing truant, not getting money from some government scheme, government official not doing their job, running from pillar to post for your work done at some government office. You are worried about some national issue or some local issue about which no is there to solve the problem then you can use President of India’s Helpline to lodge your complaint. Your complaint will be forwarded to concerned department and then action will be taken as per your concern. Moreover using the complaint no. provided to you, you can file an RTI application to the concerned department to track your complaint.
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Insurance Claim without Non-traceable report for stolen vehicle

Whenever you come to know about any theft of vehicle of yours or any of your friend/relatives then you generally think that cost of vehicle can easily be claimed from insurance company. But in reality it is easier said than done. Insurance companies always try to find one reason or other to delay or deny your Claim. Here I am sharing my personal experience of getting claim from insurance company after almost two and half year of theft of my car. You might think that it is a matter of merely 6 months or so then how could this take so much long time? Moreover I want to disclose that I have to file a case to court for not once but twice. During the court case I had to file RTI (Right to Information Act) to Police. After the court decision was in my favor, for fulfilling all the formalities I had to file RTI to RTO (Regional Transport Office). So for everyone’s awareness I am writing here in brief all the problems faced by me and the resolution that worked for me.

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Observations in Passport? Renew it immediately

Do you have any Observations in your passport? then don’t wait till your application for visa gets rejected because of this. Or after going through instructions for visa application you come to know that visa application of those having passports with observations will not be entertained. Continue reading

How SBI PPF is far better than ICICI PPF

As many of us are aware that ICICI has started online PPF account facility almost one year ago. If you are having ICICI bank account with internet banking then you must have observed a link there for “Open PPF Online”. But the ICICI branches where this PPF Account can be opened are very less in numbers as compared to State Bank of India (as almost every branch of State Bank of India has this PPF Account facility). Because of this fact it takes around 15 days to open a PPF Account in ICICI Bank. For Delhi NCR, only Connaught Place (Delhi) Branch has this facility. If you want to open a PPF Account with ICICI Bank then you need to make a visit to the nearest ICICI bank branch and they will take your signed form(it is very different than that you get at SBI for the same purpose) along with Address proofs. Moreover your Saving Bank Account should be at least 5 years old. They may ask you to fill the KYC form if you have not submitted earlier. You can mention the initial amount in PPF Account opening form; this amount will be debited from your saving bank account. After almost 15 days you will be able to see your PPF Account listed at the welcome page of your ICICI Internet Banking. You won’t get passbook from ICICI Bank for your PPF Account. Now you can transfer, generate statement etc. using internet banking.

But if you compare the features provided for PPF by SBI with that of ICICI then you will feel that it is always better to open PPF Account at SBI. For everyone’s help I have compared the features and problems faced by many people including me. I have mentioned below comparison of features provided by ICICI vs. SBI: Continue reading